Bendywood® -    The Bending Wood Without Steam

Company Candidus Prugger
The company Candidus Prugger started as a production company for solid wooden ornaments, used for furniture and interior fittings. Since 25 years, we are also the world’s sole manufacturer of Bendywood®, the bending wood without steam: beech, oak, maple, ash, elm, cherry and walnut.

Bendywood® is a high-level product, ideal for exclusive and unique projects. It allows for the production of one-of-a-kind products of high quality. Bendywood® is solid hardwood that is produced by a thermomechanical process, without adding any chemicals. 

This unique material is recommended by architects, designers and interior decorators from all over the world as a reliable and highly qualitative solution for problems with bent wooden parts in the domain of interior decoration. Bendywood® is mainly used for:

  • bending handrails
  • laminated bending parts
  • furniture, like lippings and benches

when the manufacturing of curved parts through the traditional bending technique is lengthy and expensive and when solid wood is required.