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Project for Burberry’s fashion show during the “London Fashion Week” 

Rectangular handrails 70x40 mm with rounded edges
obtained from raw sections 80x50x6600 mm in Bendywood®-beech

The handrails have been cut in half (vertically), after which the two halves were bent by hand
and glued directly onto the flat steel of the banister.

Halving the profile allows bends up to R70 cm, as 2 parts 35x40 mm are bent.
The full profile 70x40 mm can only be bent up to R140 cm

Corrimano OM 3D 6010 EN
The feather joint connection prevents the 2 halves from slipping during 3 D bending when bent upwards against torsion.
It is also recommended to glue with help of negative pressing blocks in order  to achieve a clean – not visible – glue joint when gluing the 2 halves together.

If the radius to be bent is larger than R140 cm, the 70x40 mm profile can be bent whole, i.e. not cut into 2 parts.
For the bending limit see the following link:
Handrail bending (bendywood.com)

Handrail profile with groove to be mounted on an iron plate must be pre-bent so as not to damage the groove-walls during assembly on the curved iron plate.
Please see:
Bending moulds for Bendywood® handrails, and Spring-back after being taken from the moulds (bendywood.com)

Bendywood® is easy bending in top quality!