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Office building of company Markas in Bolzano, Italy
N. 5 staircases with steel plate railing  by Mörtel Metallbau, Austria

66 m oak bending handrails, one 20.0 m long,  produced in 2 halves jointed on a 9° diagonal cut prior bending.
Please see: Handrail with 9° diagonal cut + locator peg for re-gluing 

All ascending spiral bent handrails with 1.5 m radius have be pre-bent on a flat bending mould, like you can see on following video: Video Bendywood®

After that, handrails were transported to the building site and provisionally fixed to the brackets.

At the landing transitions handrails have been bent as you can see on following link: 
Mould for bending handrails on landing transitions 

This pre-assembly process for 66 m handrails on 5 stairs, including the transport-trip to the building site, was accomplished by 2 workers within 8 hours!

After a period of acclimatization to prevent shrinkage problems, like you can see on following link "Handrail mounting", the handrails were finished with a special protective varnish by the specialist company Reichhalter from San Genesio Atesino, which also mounted the handrails onto the brackets and provided the handrails ends with 90 degree end pieces.
Please see: Short radius curved handrail parts - Bendywood®

Bendywood® is easy bending in top quality!