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Inner and outer handrails for curved staircases in the Four Seasons Hotel in Boston, USA

Round bending handrails ø45 mm (1-3/4”) ; diagonal jointed
in Bendywood®-beech

Total quantity: about 90 m (300 feet) in lengths of 3,05 m (10 feet)

The handrails were pre-bent using a ring rolling bending machine in order to get uniform radii and smooth curves.

Then the bending handrails were provisionally fixed to the handrail brackets for a week.  

During the final assembly the ends of the bending handrails were jointed by means of threaded rods and synthetic resin glue (also see 5. How to mount handrails) in order to prevent the joints from opening up over time.

Four Seasons Hotel, One Dalton Street, Boston, USA

Bendywood® is easy bending in top quality!