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Bendywood® oak ø40 mm handrails with diagonal joints for spiral stairs on brackets of glass railing
Total quantity: about 85 m

The handrails were pre-bent using a ring rolling bending machine following instructions on point b. of following link: Handrail bending (bendywood.com)

Handrails were pre-bent on side and then provisionally fixed to the handrail brackets.
For reasons of fixing provisionally see: Handrail mounting (bendywood.com)

Pre-bending with ring rolling machines make possible to bend without pre-bending moulds, necessary when handrails are pre-bent by hand.

But pre-bending handrails by hand on transportable moulds is also advantageous:

  • cheaper Bendywood® handrails with normal joints can be used
  • pre-bending can be made in the workshop
  • mounting is easier and faster

Please see on following link how are made such bending moulds: Bending moulds for Bendywood® handrails

After about 1 week handrails have been fixed on the brackets.
Mitered corner connections were omitted.

The handrails on the platforms were connected using open butt joints, an elegant solution because the connections match the impacts of the glass panels. 
How made open butt joints: Handrail ends were drilled in the middle and bent into shape metal pins were glued into the holes so that the parts stayed in position.

After the final assembly stage, handrails were dark oiled.
See more on mounting instructions point IV.Handrail mounting (bendywood.com)

Headquarters CSOB Bank, Prague, Czech Republic

Euro Urban s.r.o, Kozlany, Czech Republic

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