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Stairs of the new concert hall in Andermatt, Switzerland
Inner- and outer handrails

  • 13 pcs. round bending handrails ø42 mm in Bendywood®-oak
    Total quantity: about 60 m

The handrails were pre-bent in the workshop as per customer’s drawing and fixed to 13 individual moulds, ready to be mounted. The bending radii were kept about 30% tighter than those indicated, as the bent parts slightly open up again when they are taken from the mould: Spring-back after being taken from the moulds (bendywood.com) 

  • 12 pcs. bent handrail connection parts ø42 mm in Bendywood®-oak

The connection parts were bent using 3 to 8 mm thick lamellas that were cut out of one and the same block of Bendywood®. As a result of that the bent parts are uniform in colour and grain, identical to parts in solid wood.

Tightest inside radius: 55 mm
Largest inside radius: 425 mm
Angle: varying from 47,6° to 95,3°
One of the connection parts was bent three-dimensionally (with ascending bend).

For how are made bent connection parts, please see:
Short radius curved handrail parts - Bendywood®

During the assembly the handrails were joined together and with the bent handrail connection parts with diagonal cuts and fixed on round steel pin brackets.

Assembly was carried out following the following instructions:
Handrail mounting (bendywood.com)

Project: Concert hall, Andermatt, Switzerland
Ordering party: Nüssli Adunic AG, Switzerland
Architects: Studio Seilern Architects, United Kingdom

Bendywood® is easy bending in top quality!