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Round bending handrails ø40 mm in Bendywood® American walnut
for 3 floors in a luxury residental building in Knightsbridge London, UK

Total quantity:
     - about 65 m Bendywood®-handrails, jointed in length with normal joints
     - in single-lengths up to 6 m and
     - 1 pc. 90°-angle with R = 55 mm consisting of glued layers of Bendywood®, made as shown on following link: 
       Short radius curved handrail parts - Bendywood®

The handrails with wood moisture content of 12% were pre-bent by hand in the workshop using bending moulds, carried to the house on the moulds and mounted to provisional holders with pressing negative blocks, as shown in the first photos.

The tightest bend radii were 60 cm.

What such bending moulds look like and how handrails are pre-bent can be found at:
Bending moulds for Bendywood® handrails & Handrail bending (bendywood.com)

After about 2 weeks, the handrails were taken off, the construction brackets were replaced by bespoke brass brackets and then the final assembly could be carried out.

Metal & Butter Ltd., United Kingdom

Bendywood® is easy bending in top quality!