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Round bending handrails ø42 mm in Bendywood® oak
plunge milled
for stainless steel spiral staircase

Standard size, available from stock

1. Inner handrail on a 12,5 mm steel plate with 25 mm deep groove/plow

The inner handrail was pre-bent on site on an ascending mould. Because of the strong torsion of such a steep handrail, the groove could only be marked at the bottom of the handrail after the pre-bending and then milled with the router.

The final fixing was carried out using fully threaded Spax screws with a small head 3,5x30 mm. The handrail was screwed laterally to the stringer at a distance of approx. 50 cm in order to prevent further longitudinal shrinkage of the handrail in the long term. The drill holes were puttied.

Drawing handrail with groove for steel plate staircase

On top, the closing piece of the inner handrail is formed by a 90° Bendywood® handrail connection part (also see “Custom-made handrail parts made of Bendywood® lamellas”).

2. Outer handrail and balustrade handrail on a flat steel 20x6 mm

The outer handrail, as well as the balustrade handrail were plunge milled at the factory and shipped pre-bent around flat moulds (also see “3. How handrails are supplied”).

During final assembly, the handrails were screwed to the flat steel from below.

Staircase chancellery, Germany

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