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Round bending handrails ø40 mm in Bendywood® maple
Towson University in Maryland, USA

Bending handrails for spiral staircase ø350 cm

  • Outer handrail:
    The total length of 15 m was produced in one piece and shipped pre-bent on a flat mould with 200 cm diameter. The bends at the intermediate landing were performed on site during the mounting process.

  • Inner handrail:
    This handrail needed to be split up in several parts. The initial part up to the intermediate landing and the final part going upwards from the intermediate landing were provided pre-bent. They were jointed through reinforced mitre joints (using resin glue and threaded rods) with the 2 sections for the intermediate and the final landing, that were both provided already bent. Also see “5. How to mount handrails”.

Bending handrails for a slightly curved staircase

Shipped were 11 m + 12 m long and ø40 mm thick bending handrails in Bendywood® maple. These handrails were provided in straight condition, so not pre-bent, and were pre-bent on site at the foot of the stair railing. Both handrails were produced in one piece and split up in several shorter pieces by means of 9° cuts, as the maximum length for air freight packaging was restricted to 3 m. The locator pegs in the 9° cut faces made it possible to easily glue the parts together again upon arrival at destination. Also see „Bendywood® bending handrail with 9° cut + locator peg for gluing“.

Included in the delivery were also 90° END PIECES in Bendywood®-lamellas for all handrails. Also see “Custom-made handrail parts made of Bendywood® lamellas“.

Installation by:
Fallston Supply Inc., Forest Hill, Maryland, USA

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