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Round bending handrails ø42 mm in Bendywood® oak
directly mounted on steel stair stringer

Customized lengths

Outer handrail:

The 5,5 m long handrail was provided with a 6x22 mm groove, delivered pre-bent on a flat mould with radius 100 cm and mounted directly onto the 5 mm thick steel stair stringer.

The handrail was screwed laterally to the stringer at a distance of approx. 50 cm using fully threaded Spax screws with a small head 3,5x30 mm in order to prevent further longitudinal shrinkage of the handrail in the long term. The drill holes were puttied.

Drawing handrail with groove for steel stair stringer 
Inner handrail:

The 4 m long handrail was pre-bent on site on an ascending mould, similar to the following example: Mould for bending handrail with U-curve
Because of the strong torsion of such a steep handrail, the groove can only be marked at the bottom of the handrail after the pre-bending and then milled with the router. After that, the final fixing is carried out in the same way as for the outer handrail.

On the landing, such a handrail is not jointed by means of a mitre joint, in order to avoid an opening up of this type of joint later on. The used solution is aesthetic and allows the handrail to further shrink in length.

Bendywood® is easy bending in top quality!