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Mould for a spiral ø 1.000 mm
for a LED lamp

Bending mould in 6 parts, Bendywood® profile 30x50x6000 mm, jointed in length,
slot 6x12 mm on both sides, for 2 LED strips 5.000 mm long

Bending radii from 150 mm to 500 mm

Prior to the bending, the profile was cut into 2 halves of 15x50 mm, as a 30 mm thick profile cannot be bent to a radius of 150 mm.

Both halves were attached to the first part of the mould and glued together during the bending process.

Parts 2 to 6 of the mould were mounted consecutively during the bending.

So the mould was used for both bending and gluing.
This also stabilizes the form of the spiral.