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Example ring using a 30x50 mm section with 6x12 mm groove/plow for LED strip

The bending radius is so tight that 3 layers, each with 10 mm thickness, need to be bent.

Bendywood® section 30x50 mm in 3 parts - wooden ring for pendant light

How to proceed:

  1. Build a bending mould in 3 parts (see photo) with radius 25 cm and cover the edge with adhesive tape. Fit the 3 parts with removable spacers and a full plywood ring. Also provide a 3x40 mm Bendywood®-lamella for pressing in order to protect the outside layer of the ring during the clamping around the bending mould.

    Bending mould in 3 parts with spacers   Full plywood ring - wooden ring for pendant light 

  2. Cut a 30x50 mm section – consisting of 3 layers of 10 mm thickness each – with 6x12 mm groove/plow out of Bendywood®-boards (as mentioned on page 11 and 12 in our price list) or order them as a finished batch of lamellas.

  3. Bind the 3 layers together to a block in order to avoid distortion and increase wood moisture content to 12% (according to our instructions – See 2. How to bend Bendywood® and moisten it if needed).

  4. Only cut one end of the block to a 9° angle. Please also click through to "Mould for 9° cuts".

    Bendywood® bending handrail with 9° cuts

    At the opposite end each layer must be cut individually (always 9° angled) to the requested length.

    When Bendywood® is bent, it gets compressed / it shrinks on the inside and it stretches on the outside. Only the length of the center line doesn’t change and this should be considered when cutting to length.    

    The length of the layers to be bent therefore doesn’t equal: 
    diameter x 3,14, but (diameter + 0,5 cm each side) x 3,14.

    • Inner-layer 10x50 mm - length calculation:
      Perimeter length is (50 cm + 1 cm) x 3,14 = 160,14 cm long
    • Center-layer 10x38 mm – length calculation:
      Perimeter length is (52 cm + 1 cm) x 3,14 = 166,42 cm long
    • Outer-layer 10x50 mm – length calculation:
      Perimeter length is (54 cm + 1 cm) x 3,14 = 172,70 cm long

    Once bent, these lengths + the final part with 9° cut perfectly fit onto the mould with R = 25 cm.

  5. Apply glue to the lamellas and bend the 3 lamellas along with the 3x40 mm lamella for pressing simultaneously against the bending mould – beginning from one side – and fix them with clamps.

    Detail after bending against the bending mould - wooden ring for pendant light

  6. Then remove  the full plywood ring and pull out the spacers in order to prevent the ring from getting jammed on the bending mould.

    After removal of full plywood ring and spacers - Pendant light with Bendywood®

  7. Once the glue has dried the ring can be taken from the mould and can be sanded.

    Back side of the ring after gluing and before sanding

Only Bendywood® renders these kinds of jobs possible!