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curved part in solid wood
Next to Bendywood® the wood which can be worked like normal wood and bent later – we wanted to complete our offer with a second product line, that is

bent parts made in solid wood

which are being designed and manufactured according to the client‘s needs.

The manufacturing of curved parts in solid wood is based upon an innovative procedure which combines the traditional wood bending method “Thonet” with a specific high-frequency technology. In this way it becomes possible to make curved parts with a radius up to 1 : 5 ! For example, a board of 5 cm thickness can be bent up to a radius of approx. 25 cm. Such curved parts are then finished (milling, drilling and sanding) on a 5-axes CNC machinery.


  • Design & Planning
  • Prototyping
  • Small batches
  • Large batches

A few examples of our creations: