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Bendywood® bending by hand
Bendywood® is bending wood without steam that has become flexible thanks to a special production process. It can be worked like normal wood and subsequently bent in a cold (no heating) and dry (no steaming or wetting) condition

Bendywood® is bendable forever and can be stored like normal wood.

There is no difference in appearance between Bendywood® and normal wood.      

Bendywood® is produced in an entirely natural way, without the use of chemicals. Through a particular thermomechanical process fresh green solid wood blanks are compressed along their length for about 20% and subsequently dried in this compressed form.            

Bendywood® is available in beech, oak, maple, ash, cherry and walnut in lengths up to 13 m

Bendywood® can be bent up to a radius of 1 : 10 by hand and by machine.
Bendywood® is worked in straight condition first and then bent.